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August 2021 - August 2022  /  Dolia Sound Project


I attempted to create a unique soundtrack for every day for an entire year. A kind of sonic journal. Each soundtrack serves as a culmination of the experiences, feelings, and captured sounds from that day. Each soundtrack is a mix of digital and analogue components. No sound was off limits. guitar, car alarms, drums, PVC pipes, my creaky stairs, piano, a coke can, ukulele, fireworks, voices in and out

Small selection of playable tracks above.

List of daily tracks and playable videos below.


hindered driver  play dead pan  garden eyes  wind meal ticket   chasing Dusseldorf    silent run    muddled waves     month saved     earth high rise  pocket balloon   timezone defense   watch face scar    sad sail   dunk tank mate   fire for one     folding chair   dirty finger    small crack in god   last of me  thin line dance   drone fishing   salt monster    soul coat   disposable church choir     sisters whisper     piano barker    leather mommy    without paws     muscle memory loss    ghastly tasks    creepy peach    gold chain Maine   uzi breath   triple vision    glass hand swam    metal balloon   vital wave   talking mountains     waist deep thoughts     same day echo     low rise genes    sunlit conversations    on the wide trail      landing gears      call sign     deep tissues      gelatin roof    long fuse    maroon making machine       no good raisin    parking queen      puff rider     red rover come over      summer spots     sunset ghosts    tiny pink ship     valve pressure     waist deep thoughts     copper fudge     crunchy breakfast      water drop kick    wish well you    under table play    rented swim suit     tree fall     lemon jay   man hole cloth   Jovian dean     house guest house fly    jolappy   dusk bunny       grab your coat and go slow       cyber ant carport      bent tree tops    mantis man     plant base jump     rubber sanctuary     cold pizza party    Orion's belt buckle       moon topics      red dawn redrawn     sour pastor     knife line    fast toe beans     don't know howl    cut cut gud    apple head     crowded face    safety warning shot     back warden     mailbox hero     tropical face punch     double slit     ginger danger    44Dolia page-lock    rising crust earth   stutter face   rainbow litter    Cole and flies   ear snake    without paws   upset tummy   adult sunk            

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