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Online /Print 2016-ongoing. 

A book project analyzing strategies for sourcing imagination. Hundreds of artists were asked to submit 25 ideas of impossible art acts. Compiled together and searched for patterns, this directory has become both artwork and resource guide. Sample below

1. write a story with no beginning

2. play a concert loud enough to be heard from everywhere on earth

3. take a picture of every location on earth from every angle

4. build a house out of ideas

5. remove the word "the" from the English language

6. write out every music lyric every performed

7. take a picture of every grain of sand on earth

8. interview a dead child

9. draw a perfect circle

10. occupy an empty room

11. freeze a fire

12. drive faster than the speed of light

13. grow an extra hand

14. turn lead into gold

15. go swimming in cement

16. introduce everyone on earth to everyone else on earth

17. retrace all of the steps you've ever taken

18. describe a color with words

19. build a staircase to the sun

20. describe the sound of silence

21. win a sword fight with a pen

22. drink Lake Michigan 

23. cover California with post it notes

24. occupy the same space as another person

25. uncook every meal you've ever cooked

26. walk forever in a straight line

27. wear every article of clothing ever created

28. summarize all of human knowledge into one sentence 

29. create a color whiter than white 

30. crawl to Antarctica 

31. paint a portrait of your own ghost

32. witness the birth of a star

33. drive two cars at once

34. win a fight that only you are in

35. open every page on the Internet on a single computer

36. stay awake for a month 

37. exist in only two dimensions 

38. memorize every digit of Pi

39. walk across the Pacific Ocean 

40. catch every snowflake that falls during a snowstorm

41. sew a quilt that can cover America

42. stop the weather 

43. invent a new color

44. simulate every particle in the world

45. monkey Bar underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

46. watch your favorite movie again for the first time

47. meet every single person you're related to

48. juggle every object you've ever held

49. age in reverse

50. learn every language

51. use knife to draw on leaves

52. use cup noodles to build a dinosaurs.

53. use women’s hair to compose a woman’s face

54. collect pictures of everyone’s face in the world to build a human’s face

55. paint Mona Lisa on water with nail polish

56. build Discobolus with scraps of wet paper

57. draw America’s national flag on sky by jet

58. recompose Chinese brush painting on laptop

59. set my face as a kind of medicine's logo and imprinted on tablet

60. draw Professor Brian’s face on one’s nail

61. completely recompose images from one’s dream

62. use chemical materials to create flames with different colors to draw a phoenix

63. compose a dragon with scale

64. embroider Monet’s lotus

65. carve Obama’s face on soap

66. utilize hand cream to build an egg

67. complete works connected with supernatural

68. prove art is related to a spiritual world

69. draw Putin with sea salts

70. reproduce Chinese brush painting with oil painting

71.  grow algae in your armpits

72. have a petting zoo on the international space station

73. draw on combs with only fresh flowers’ juice

74. engrave Moses on a thick book

75. build a street with DaVinci’s products on each ground tile

76. put all Monet’s products on one product

77. draw a lion on dusts of a car’s window

78. use gum in different color to build a Christmas tree

79. make tread patterns of my boots be my face

80. weave a Pinocchio

81. engrave Lotus on coconut

82. utilize snow to recompose the story of Snow White

83. on calculator, apply numbers to draw image of Akashi

84. use a lot of spoons to build a Santa

85. produce Cinderella’s crystal shoes with glasses

86. draw a sunset on tissue paper with human’s blood

87. paint on water with spices

88. compose the image of universe with sand grains

89. draw a picture that makes people feel it is singing

90. sculpture a David on a lip balm stick

91. be on all of the continents at once

92. drink water at the same time while eating without choking

93. run at the speed of light

94. run while piloting a hang glider

95. gain a significant amount of weight without eating or drinking

96. lie all of your life and never get caught

97. shave off all of your hair and grow it back within a day

98. grow a perfect weave

99. lasting more than 10 minutes under water without any air

100. walking without any toes

101. jump off a airline plane without a parachute and still live

102. remove a light bulb without touching it

103. to see while being blind

104. hurt an ice cube's feelings

105. drink nothing but alcohol and never get drunk

106. eat fast food for a whole year without becoming sick

107. fry ice without it melting

108. get all F’s and still pass

109. build a house out of straws that will survive a tornado

110. spin a plate on the top of the Seattle Space Needle

111. to swim in a pool without getting wet

112. be pregnant while your mother’s pregnant with you

113. sing the alphabet song 100 times within one minute

114. to time travel

115. hold your breath and have a conversation at the same time.

116. mix white with white and make another color

117. to not sleep for a week and still be well rested

118. to see air

119. eat the top 6 inches of Mount Everest

120. never blink

121. chew the same gum for a whole day without it losing its flavor 

122. hop on one foot across the United States

123. sleep for 17 days straight

124. write with a pen that has no ink

125. call 911 and have a cab show up instead of the police      

126. cut yourself and not bleed

127. slap your own dead corpse

128.  pile snow outside when it's above 60 degrees Fahrenheit

129. dance naked while being fully clothed

130. to be born anywhere but in the United States and still become the president of the United States

131. know the lyrics of all of the songs ever made

132. name everyone in the entire world population

133. have more followers on Instagram than Kim Kardashian without being famous

134. win the presidency without winning the majority of the electoral votes

135. climb Mount Everest in less than two hours

136. be a millionaire and be poor economically

137. build a mansion in a day

138. sneak a gun through airport security while shouting death metal

139. drink a gallon of water and still be thirsty

140. find $1 billion and not take it

141. defecate on the white house lawn

142. reconstruct the great pyramids by hand

143. balance a stand of hair

144. reanimate a corpse à la Frankenstein

145. climb to the peak of Mount Everest naked

146. see all of time through entering a black hole

147. count to infinity

148. teach a horse to speak French

149. chop a leg off and grow the severed limb into your double

150. move at a negative speed

151. train to see ultraviolet light with a naked eye

152. do performance art piece on the surface of the sun

153. have “looks that kill” literally

154. find the last digit of Pi

155. walk on water

156. count every hair on someone’s head

157. remove every trace of my own existence

158. make Adam Sandler funny again.

159. list 15 good things about Justin Bieber

160. drink a beer that has been chilled to absolute zero

161. eat just one Lay’s potato chip

162. be in two places at once

163. construct a teleportation device

164. construct a 4 Dimensional object

165. break into Fort Knox, graffiti my name on the wall and leave

166. chew a diamond

167. look cool while throwing up

168. catch a bullet in mid flight

169. lick the back of my neck

170. travel in time to be my own grandfather à la the grandfather paradox

171. grow to be an adult while never leaving your mother’s womb

172. survive for 20 years without a heart

173. replace all of bodies blood with motor oil

174. encase body in cement and become a permanent sculpture

175. dose the world’s water supply with L.S.D.

176. artificially create a thunderstorm.

177. raise a manatee in your kitchen sink

178. track every change in the world created by that act

179. create a child with two biological mothers or two biological fathers

180. create a child with male genitalia but no Y chromosomes

181. flush every toilet on earth simultaneously

182. move all the visible stars around to make a picture in the sky

183. prove the existence of the Easter Bunny

184. convince the pope to change religions

185. attend my own funeral

186. paint all of the blades of grass in the world to be the same shade of green, thus dismissing the saying “The grass is always greener”

187. communicate only in emoji’s for the rest of my life

188. move a mountain to another continent

189. have the sun wired up to a dimmer switch

190. make a can “phone” that connects to every home in the world

191. listen in on conversations miles away

192. make every snowflake identical

193. find Santa

194. reverse the flow of urine

195. attend the Last Supper

196. find my twin

197. beat LeBron one on one in basketball

198. find Bigfoot living in Greencastle

199. fly to the sun using a fruit fly

200. steal the top of the Sears Tower

201. take a fish for a walk

202. have a conversation with a dog

203. die Twice

204. live Twice

205. find the actual Nemo

206. live without a heart

207. travel to Paris without moving

208. avoid food and Water for the rest of life

209. tickle yourself

210. become taller in seconds

211. make a Billion Cheeseburgers alone in an hour

212. bath in a pool of lava

213. grow paws

214. have a cat raise a mouse to be a man

215. have a parrot recite the dictionary

216. have an Elephant jump over a hurdle

217. reversing the cycle of child birth

218. have a sterile Woman and Man give birth to a child

219. unburn the wood in the fireplace

220. squeeze out all the water from a rag on the moon

221. drink nothing but Ocean Water

222. lick your own Elbow

223. bite you own neck

224. flying by Flapping one’s arms

225. making everything turn gold once you touch it

226. find the darkest shade of red

227. live underwater with no oxygen

228. meet the Simpson’s

229. see a snake living inside a dog’s mouth

230. have a rabbit try to steal Trix

231. dance for 3 years without stopping

232. unmash Potatoes

233. raining cats and dogs

234. sneeze at the speed of light

235. squeezing the World in your hands

236. have an internal Clock

237. be a certified pilot in one day

238. relive memories of someone else

239. airplane flights to Mars by next week

240. swinter

241. never Dream

242. paint the White House a different color each year

243. construct a continuous road that circulates the whole world

244. connect a long rope from the earth to the moon

245. write down every phone number you’ve ever called

246. destroy every cell phone in the world

247. collect one dollar from every person in the world and donate it

248. collect a sound from every person in the world

249. retrace you and your significant other’s paths throughout your whole life with paint and see where your two lines meet for the first time

250. go back in time and introduce the cell phone to the 19th century

251. create life size

252. collect the first and last photo of everyone in their lifetime

253. reestablish time and the time zones

254. freeze someone and thaw them in 1000 years

255. convert every movie to an animated one

256. have every person in the world listen to the same song at the same time

257. give the statue of liberty a different item of clothing for each day of the week

258. rotate the most popular monuments from each continent to a different continent every century

259. connect every person in the country on a phone call

260. place a number on every person’s head and have only one other person share the same number as someone

261. make a giant umbrella that sits over New York City whenever it rains

262. replace the floors in homes with trampolines

263. build a Rubik's cube 10 stories high that can be solved but takes 1000 people to move one side

264. draw a portrait of every person you’ve met from memory

265. extrude the equator 1 foot high

266. create a giant mood ring that sits in Washington DC and shows the mood of the country

267. create a crop circle portrait of Elvis Presley

268. look at the world through someone else’s eyes

269. create a family tree dating all the way back to two people

270. save and watch your dreams through video

271. list every song you’ve ever heard

272. connect a zip line from the empire state building to the bottom of the grand canyon

273. paint the faces on Mount Rushmore

274. be able to rewind, pause, and fast forward life

275. a library holding the books of every person’s life

276. display a movie on the Hoover dam

277. graffiti the great wall of china

278. paint the bottom of everybody’s shoes a different color to track patterns

279. make every road a dirt road

280. repaint the inside of the Sistine chapel blindfolded

281. run a string across the whole world so people can be physically connected from different areas of the world

282. paint grass blue and dye the ocean green

283. connect every city in the country by an underground tunnel

284. create a map that shows the movement of every country’s leaders

285. create a 1000 foot high candle that can heat a city

286. keep a tracking device on a small item and see everywhere it travels after you throw it out the window

287. count the molecules in a banana

288. paint roads different colors according to their amount of use

289. detach Alaska and move it next to Washington

290. paint all of Greenland orange

291. dress every person in the world in all blue except for one person who is in all red

292. flip the Pyramids of Giza upside down

293. meet a fictional character

294. touch the sun with your bare hand

295. walk across the ocean floor

296. invert gravity

297. teach an ant to sing Motown

298. change the order of the planets in our solar system

299. duplicate the big bang

300. freeze a tsunami

301. view oneself without aid of mirrors or photography

302. breathe in space

303. touch and feel digital information

304. make an intergalactic paper airplane

305. stop a thought from occurring

306. make light invisible

307. take a photo of something that hasn’t happened yet

308. meet an older or younger version of yourself

309. stand on the Earth and touch the moon

310. create/watch a movie with no beginning or end

311. paint all the rocks of the planet blue

312. melt all the snow before it falls to the ground

313. convert darkness (the absence of light) into a physical substance

314. teach a fish to use chopsticks (And then explain the concept of sushi)

315. watch every movie to ever be made all at once

316. scuba dive in the atmosphere

317. create a recycling plant for emotions

318. turn a paper clip into a bridge

319. create a cube shaped star

320. invert all of the world's monuments in a single moment

321. create a gun that fires thoughts instead of bullets

322. create the same aurora borealis twice

323. make the entire ocean drinkable

324. invert the spaces of land and sea

325. trap the world’s atmosphere in a single balloon

326. create a permanent skyscraper made of ice

327. pet a dinosaur

328. turn rotten food fresh again

329. ignite all the world’s fireworks at once

330. move a mountain sideways

331. experience true childhood again

332. see gamma radiation

333. resurface all the roads in the world with glass

334. find/create an exact copy of the Earth and its inhabitants

335. schedule an unexpected event

336. film live the events of the Revolutionary War

337. move all objects on the surface of the Earth an inch to the left

338. create a family album connecting all of humanity

339. create a battery that never runs out of a charge

340. eclipse one star with another

341. reenact a dream with perfect accuracy

342. eat a concept

343. touch the bottom of the ocean while floating on the surface

344. creating a nutcracker out of George Washington’s dentures

345. interview a dead person

346. giving every orphan on the planet a home

347. mapping the Earth’s entire ocean floor with a high level of detail

348. build a whole LEGO city and live in it

349. asking every person on the planet what they are afraid of most

350. eat a Milky Way in the galactic center of the milky way

351. letting kids run the world for a day

352. collect every hair that has ever fallen out of your head and make a wig out of it

353. counting every grain of sand in a sandbox

354. preserve a child's innocence

355. giving animals the ability to speak like humans

356. getting everyone on Earth to jump at the same time

357. carve your initials on every tree in the world

358. pee in every toilet

359. replace every  tree that’s ever been cut down

360. build a golden gate for the Golden Gate Bridge

361. recreate Charlie’s chocolate factory

362. find the end of space and escape

363. playing duck duck goose with ducks and geese

364. use 100% of your brain

365. win the lottery

366. dig to the center of the Earth

367. break every world record

368. relive a dream

369. photograph every woman in the world with and without makeup on

370. take a selfie with Nicéphore Niépce

371. give animals the same rights as humans

372. reverse the meaning of words

373. relive my childhood

374. lay on a cloud

375. play ring around the rosy during the middle ages

376. watch every YouTube video ever made

377. pick every four leaf clover

378. surgically turn my face upside down

379. live another person’s life

380. play golf on Mars

381. climb a ladder into space

382. draw every square inch of the Earth

383. listen to every echo ever made

384. run through a solid object

385. shake every person’s hand

386. live in a perfect world

387. bring an extinct species back into existence

388. remembering every detail of your life

389. give Rosa Parks a high five

390. reverse the rotation of the Earth

391. X-ray every person on Earth

392. play the electric guitar in the 1930s

393. reframe the Mona Lisa

394. catalog every smell on the earth

395. catalog every name of human existence

396. pogo on water

397. change the rotation of the earth

398. get the world to sing Kumbaya and hold hands

399. form a religion that has aspects from every known religion

400. conquer the world completely

401. taste every type of wood there is

402. become a temporary Supreme Court Justice

403. get the bible signed by Jesus

404. make your thumb touch the elbow of the same arm

405. taste a nuclear warhead

406. make yourself glow by ingesting hazardous amounts of radiation

407. survive off photosynthesis

408. don't sleep for a year

409. fall in love with a dictator for their 'personality'

410. forget 9/11

411. capture love as a smell

412. burn a library at Alexandria

413. adopt every kid from a single orphanage

414. achieve immortality

415. replace your body parts with prosthetic limbs until you resemble a crash test dummy

416. contribute to the end of the world

417. switch everyone's hair color for a day

418. worldwide participation in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest

419. grow fur and survive a harsh winter completely nude

420. take of picture of the universe pre-big bang

421. export all the Hollywood stars and replace them with Bollywood stars overnight

422. eradicate underage drinking

423. bring back smallpox

424. act out 'I am Legend' in modern day NYC

425. DJ on the Hindenburg

426. replace the final song played on the sinking Titanic

427. breed a cat and dog together

428. eat a lobster without harming it

429. revitalize Detroit into a booming automobile metropolis

430. mythological creatures petting zoo that feature horribly disfigured farm animals that resemble mythological beasts

431. convince Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton to start a punk band called 'Round 2'

432. replace all the toilet paper with sandpaper

433. transform into a frog after being kissed

434. get tattoos that make it appear that you are a pixilated 8-bit character

435. wear a glass suit

436. sink the White House halfway into the ground

437. dim the sun

438. hibernate for a full winter

439. commission Marcel Duchamp to make you a toilet

440. whisper sweet nothings into the president's ear

441. redo all movies from the antagonist's point of view

442. desalinate the great salt plains

443. do nothing

444. sculpture made out of lifetime of contact lenses

445. putting a different color dot on every pixel a computer screen with a gel pen

446. make a thumbprint of every person in the world on a road in concrete

447. flying into the Bermuda triangle

448. collecting every fallen leaf

449. digging to earth's core

450. bottling a cloud

451. cover the Eiffel Tower in ornaments

452. change all the water in the world to the color orange

453. all iphones in the world screenshot at same time

454. replicate the moon life-size out of cheese

455. build a bicycle out of toothpicks

456. cut out the word “the” from every book

457. hot glue pebbles to cover the Empire State building

458. melt crayons to make a wax figure as large as a volcano

459. put a star in a jar

460. record every person in the world saying your name

461. create a blimp as big as earth

462. take a photo of every individual bacteria in the world

463. make a blanket out of hair strands

464. build a freestanding stairway to mars

465. compile every text conversation ever had

466. kiss every person in the world

467. put every animal in a “Noah’s Ark”

468. build a wall out of every tooth in the world

469. make a necklace with every diamond in the world

470. put Christmas lights on every tree in the Amazon forest

471. cover the floor of the Louvre with peppermints

472. make a tower out of grains of sand

473. create a math formula that goes on for a mile

474. genetically create a modern dinosaur species

475. make a car out of glass

476. decorate the sun for holidays

477. build a ship out of bones

478. make a video compilation of every person in the world favorite memory

479. slingshot a note across the world

480. jump into a movie

481. replace the clock in Big Ben with an animated face

482. create a town underwater

483. spray paint the palace of Versailles blue

484. create an island and populate it with only giraffes

485. paint a mosaic on the back of every turtle shell

486. making a statue of important people in your life and putting it in obscure places for them to find

487. train all dogs in the world to bark once at the same time every day

488. fill the white house up with concrete on the inside

489. fill a pool with tear drops

490. replace every grain of sand with graham crackers

491. draw mustaches on Mount Rushmore

492. fill the ocean with soda

493. name and give a face to every tree in the world

494. make a physical statue out of light

495. photograph every single living creature jumping off the earth into the air simultaneously

496. dye every single hair on every person neon green

497. build a full size replica of New York City on the moon

498. replace all of the ocean’s water with ice cubes

499. create a pyramid out of every single truck in the world

500. make a single piece of steel that is so long it can touch the Earth and the Moon at the same time

501. videotape my entire life from a bird’s eye perspective

502. create a wooden block that is perfectly square and flat down to the molecular level

503. record a word for word list of every thought I’ve ever had

504. create a physical sculpture that would literally last forever

505. glue every can of soda in the U.S. together without having any of the same brand touching

506. paint a picture using red paint that was created from a mixture of every single living humans blood sample

507. tie a string to every door knob in NYC that connects directly to a metal rod that is placed in the middle of Central Park

508. paint popular movie posters on every building in Los Angeles

509. do a dance onstage alongside at least one of every mammal

510. make one six sided die out of billions of normal sized, identical dice

511. put on a nonstop 1 man play of every Simpsons episode

512. cook a steak to medium well by only using your normal body temperature

513. perform Michael Jackson's “smooth criminal” dance without ever touching the floor or using anything to suspend yourself in the air

514. perform a live multi-instrument orchestra concert by yourself while never having any solos from an instrument

515. knit a wearable sweater out of nothing but the two shortest hairs off the top of your head

516. create an Oscar winning feature length film from still pictures drawn and edited together while completely blindfolded

517. fill a plastic cup with scorching hot molten lava

518. mark every $2 bill in the world with an orange triangle

519. cut a stone slab into 9 different spheres and place one on every planet in the Milky Way and Pluto

520. make a 12 story tall statue of myself without using any materials or tools other than normal, wooden 2x4 boards and spit

521. high five a seahorse

522. make a functional car out of nothing but cotton balls, including the fuel

523. write a poem that contains every word from every language, even the extinct ones

524. put on a perfectly synchronized swimming display starring 36 identical pit-bull/boxer mix puppies

525. photograph every second of the life of one elm tree

526. place an intact snowman into an art exhibit that is 100 degree Fahrenheit throughout the whole room

527. create another gateway arch by the one in St. Louis, Missouri, and paint them both to look like the McDonald’s logo

528. create a free standing perfectly spherical building

529. add every president to Mount Rushmore

530. bind a handwritten copy of the dictionary together with my own eyelashes

531. hand fold 20 million paper cranes

532. make a skyscraper out of dark chocolate

533. craft a suit of armor out of diamonds

534. cover a limo in Powerball lottery tickets that won at least $2,000,000

535. fill a swimming pool with happy thoughts

536. paint the entire universe in one life-sized painting

537. make an infinite series of clay statues depicting an apple, with each statue being twice the size of the previous statue

538. carve a bust of Harrison Ford from a single boulder using only your breath to weather down the stone

539. attend your own mother's birth

540. make a figurine of a crab so small that it can only be seen through the most powerful microscope in the world

541. rip the US Constitution into 50 fragments

542. build a boat out of dreams

543. print a copy of every picture that can be found on the internet

545. make 15 identical but differently colored Statue of Liberties next to the already existing one

546. dye each strand of hair on a person a different color

547. rubber band a planet to make a rubber band ball

548. make an underwater gallery

549. turn the sky into a laser light show

550. create a kaleidoscope out of city buildings

551. wrap the sears tower in Christmas lights

552. fill a stadium with balloons

553. create a building out of chocolate

554. paint every species on earth

555. hang a giant dream catcher off the space needle

556. turn a crater into a candle

557. bury the tallest building on earth

558. dye the oceans tie dye

559. paint an entire mountain range

560. add more rings to Saturn

561. record every word in every language

562. pick every flower from a field and rearrange them by size

563. lasso the moon with Christmas lights

564. create a blanket to cover all of earth

565. put everything referencing ‘Venus’ on Venus

566. stack empire state buildings to the moon

567. repaint all traffic lines on the roads of America red white and blue

568. color every blade of grass a different color

569. replicate the pyramids at the bottom of the ocean

570. fill the grand canyon with candy

571. turn a planet into a yo­yo

572. gold plate the moon

573. print every email ever sent

574. Google everything on the internet

575. create a real unicorn

576. turn a forest into a living replica of Alice in wonderland

577. tie dye the clouds

578. replacing the London eye with a giant bagel

579. dye every army uniform in the world pink

580. turn a water tower into a coffee pot


582. create a tower out of everything you’ve ever thrown away

583. project a rainbow sphere around the Earth

584. put stained glass in every sunroof in every car

585. send a text to every person with a cell phone

586. read every book ever written

587. wrap every building in a city with wrapping paper

588. turn the quarry into a ball pit

589. count every hair on your body

590. print every Facebook interaction that’s ever occurred

591. fill the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago with beans

592. turn a NYC subway into a disco

593. put a giant tent over a city

594. write down everything you say for your whole life and make a book

595. put a gallery on mars

596. graffiti the white house

597. create your own dinosaur sculpture out of random dinosaur bones

598. put memes on random websites like graffiti

599. build a full sized house out of Legos

600. turn every body of water into strawberry Jell-O

601. take a picture of everyone in the world wearing a cat mask

602. create a real life Sharknado

603. time lapse video of my dreams

604. have a TV channel that streams people's dreams live

605. designer clothes line for dinosaurs/ people shaped like dinosaurs

606. a music video that is a silent film

607. grow a tree the size of New York City

608. bus that picks you up when you’re sad called the struggle bus

609. draw a perfect circle by hand

610. give every human a unique name

611. video montage of pop stars saying the word “pterodactyl” without using their tongue

612. a 24 hour video following the life of an ant

613. photograph everyone in the world with a paper-mache mask with $100 bills instead of paper

614. make a sweater of eyelashes

615. a collaborative painting made by all of the U.S. presidents over time

616. take a gold mold of a snow angel made by Kurt Cobain

617. write down every word from every dictionary

618. create a family tree to the first humans

619. make a movie with one second of footage of everyday of Jimi Hendrix life

620. make a life size sand castle

621. incase John Lennon’s brain in carbonite

622. knit a sweater out of pure gold

623. @#$%^&

624. create a forest out of pine tree sculptures made of 2 liter mountain dews

625. make an elevator that moves sideways rather than up or down

626. book that you read by smelling

627. mirrors that reflect your soul

628. full body tattoo Vladimir Putin

629. dye your veins neon yellow

630. give sound waves a long vacation

631. dye radiation waves strange colors

632. glow in the dark tattoos for children

633. a production of Macbeth starring a$ap mob

634. plant a tree on the moon

635. build Donald Trump a summer home on mars

636. write Tupac lives on every mirror in the city of Los Angeles

637. make a movie about the NWA watching the movie Straight Outta Compton

638. a performance of Miley Cyrus song wrecking ball by Isis

639. list for a worldwide scavenger hunt

640. turn the moon into a scaled down model of earth

641. a mixtape of songs composed of rhythmic auto tuned breathing

642. high School Musical reenacted by monkeys

643. eat uranium

644. a mountain sized sculpture dedicated to Will Ferrell

645. a Ferris Bueller Christmas Carol Album

646. stage a LARPing event for the entire world

647. eat the inside of a computer

648. pass a cold to everyone in the world

649. hold the internet hostage

650. build a blanket fort large enough for the US military

651. decorate a Christmas tree with every ornament ever created

652. paint what love feels like

653. learn every language and write a poem using one word from each dialect

654. carve Mt. Everest into a monument of Captain Planet

655. arrange the stars into a mural

656. show the average literacy rate of the world in real time

657. paint a picture with using non visible light

658. carve an ice sculpture out of a glacier

659. sculpt using fire as a material

660. build a stairway to Heaven

661. recite every book ever written

662. draw in 4 dimensions

663. build a skyscraper completely out of light bulbs

664. create a new planet with clay

665. live life backwards

666. carve the moon into Bugs Bunny

667. draw sound

668. draw smell

669. build a mural that can be seen from space

670. decorate every pine tree in the world into a Christmas tree

671. replace every color with animal print

672. build a monument of Michael Jordan that is so big we can position it to look as if he were dunking the moon

673. spray paint the Sphinx

674. sneak up on Chuck Norris

675. sculpt with water vapor

676. paint what it is like to be intoxicated

677. photograph a black hole

678. photograph every pair of eyes to look at you

679. write down the first thought you have in the morning every day

680. show the global favorite flavors of ice cream in real time

681. watch the mountains grow

682. construct a belt that fits around the equator and slowly tightens until the planet is finally pinched in two

683. build a roller coaster that transcends all continents

684. build a children’s hospital completely out of stuffed toys

685. make a mountain float

686. grow a coral reef in the shape of the Mona Lisa

687. make visible loneliness

688. make a hit single out of whale calls

689. have everyone on Earth draw what they think the most important invention of all time is

690. be magnetic

691. build a human sized ant hill complete with tunnels and rooms

692. turn furniture into trees

693. build an elaborate Victorian-style fire place out of cotton

694. eat a dessert from every country

695. take a selfie in every settlement in the world

696. dye Mars blue

697. count the grains of sand on the beach

698. paint the Fall leaves blue, purple, and white

699. make the Mount Rushmore presidents hipsters

700. document an entire human life in crayon

701. being invisible on Fridays

702. picking every piece of grass on campus

703. jumping to the moon

704. go back in time and un-go back in time

705. empty space

706. drinking a gallon of milk in under a minute

707. morph into an animal

708. run as fast as the speed of light

709. touch the sun

710. pick up a car

711. chop down a tree with one swing of an axe

712. hitting a 100 mph fastball blindfolded

713. walking on water

714. burning water

715. going to the future

716. living with no oxygen

717. take leaves from every tree in the world and create a portrait of Obama

718. taking the soles of every pair of Jordans and creating a statue of him 

719. creating a wig with every piece of your own leg hair

720. building a skyscraper with just bottles of water.

721. being able to teleport

722. making a shirt out of saran wrap

723. play catch with Babe Ruth

724. make a baseball glove out of candle wax

725. painting the Sistine Chapel Ceiling in a day

726. have dinner with Jesus Christ

727. making a desk out of Q-tips

728. a video of every president’s inauguration

729. making a car out of pure gold

730. touching a rainbow

731. making a sculpture blindfolded 

732. drawing a tattoo with your feet

733. playing a one on one game with Wilt Chamberlain

734. making a basketball net out of NBA jerseys

735. having the ability to walk through things (Walls, doors, etc)

736. making a suit out of used dental floss

737. eating an entire jar of peanut butter without drinking anything

738. making a asteroid out of peanut shells

739. doing the moonwalk on the moon

740. imagine nation

741. drinking a boiling hot cup of coffee within ten seconds

742. making portraits of famous people with just coffee grinds

743. taking apart and putting together a watch with just a toothpick 

744. building a statue with a toothpick from every restaurant in America

745. building an entire building out of candle wax

746. building a house with just Legos and pizza sauce 

747. creating a video with every single video game tutorial that’s been made

748. build an igloo in the desert

749. making a statue of Orville Redenbacher out of popcorn

750. free solo climbing the Willis Tower

751. shake hands with a phantom limb

752. masturbate constantly until immortality is achieved

753. make every man reborn woman with complete memories of their past life as a man and then have them raped

754. have every reborn as a man with complete memories of their past life as a woman and have them be accused of rape

755. tattoo my body enough until the pigment of my skin turns black

756. have sex with my ex for a final time and make her fingers explode like firework sparklers

757. bring back all the Buffalo

758. know whether or not my life along with the universe has been rebooted thus meaning I wouldn’t notice the varying changes in the narrative

759. fly around the world so fast that I reverse time

760. gain enough weight to offer my body as a food supply for a starving country

761. become both the Czar of Russia and the Vice President of the United States simultaneously

762. push past the fabric of this dimension and summon the beast master Cthulhu

763. truly understand that life is much more subtle than a three-act structure

764. turn every lake and pond into mud and charge people to bathe them in them as a spa

765. definitively tell that chocolate is better than vanilla

766. control the weather with a wand made out of cherry stems and dolphin hair

767. find hair on a dolphin

768. traverse the whole Milky Way while holding my breath

769. drink beer until my belly button recedes inwards

770. play Jesus in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors while he hangs from the cross

771. know exactly how many other sperms I beat to the egg

772. write a top 50 list that is universally acclaimed

773. swallow my fist to my elbow and speak fluently

774. achieve physical perfection purely through positive thoughts

775. know the last thoughts of the last dying human

776. call up President Kennedy and see if he wants to cruise around with the top down

777. in death, feel the molecules and atoms of my decomposing body shift over into dust

778. count all of every grain of sand on the planet whilst blindfolded

779. become so high that I cheat my way into heaven

780. grab up every gun out on the market and fit them all inside Sandy Hook Elementary School

781. know how many lives have been saved by guns

782. cure cancer by specifically smelling roses

783. remember while blacked out

784. spell the word “death” with “l-i-f-e”

785. go a week and not have my mother call me

786. go a week after my mother has died and be able to call her

787. count the amount of times a white frat boy has said the word “nigga”

788. catch a bullet between my fingers and say, “Your gun shoots like a girl.”

789. invisible computer keyboard

790. use a rainbow as a jump rope

791. sail across the stars on a sailboat

792. give your ex a perfectly good reason why you cheated on them

793. jump from the top of Mount Everest and land on the wing of a plane

794. know for sure that I’ll wake up tomorrow morning

795. be named the King of Ice Cream by only eating pancakes

796. find the best time to divorce your spouse

797. fall in love with a horse and have society condone it

798. speak Shakespearean and have it register in your mind that it’s Cantonese

799. asking a child for forgiveness after you kill his father in front of him

800. say “yes” when asked if you achieved everything you wanted to out of life

801. make all buildings older than 100 years fire proof

802. build a well that accepts debit cards to make wishes

803. open a nursery for humans and alligators

804. drain Lake Michigan and fill it with chunky peanut butter

805. Explain the difference between left and right

806. Run a mile on the sun in Crocs

807. Win the 76th Hunger Games

808. Eat your entire self

809. Have three biological parents

810. Capture a Pikachu Pokémon

811. Receive an acceptance letter from Hogwarts

812. Read a blank piece of paper

813. Bite your own neck

814. Record everyone’s last sentence they said before they died.

815. Live off of Pringles and pink lemonade for 10 years.

826. Create a rollercoaster without a loop

827. Write down every apology you made during college

828. Photograph people’s souls

829. wax figure sculpture of Barack Obama inside a Hawaiian volcano

830. Photograph every birthmark in the United States to make a portrait of Oprah

831. Life size model of Earth made of Legos

832. The ability for people to change their skin tone color

833. 24 hour live stream video of Donald Trump’s thoughts

834. Les Miserables poster recreated out of flags produced during the French Revolution

835. Auschwitz concentration camp made out of Nazi soldiers’ bones

836. Photograph every woman of color in the world

837. Live underwater for 10 years

838. Place the Earth two meters next to the Sun

839. Hold your heart in your hands

840. Animal clothing line made out of human skin

841. Cry tears of pearls

842. Pigs flying backwards

843. Make the Manhattan skyline made of glass

848. Air animals and sea animals switch habitats

849. Slam a revolving door

850. Smell the color purple

851. Replace the Gateway Arch with a giant slinky

852. Replace the Statue of Liberty with pigeons

853. Touch your right elbow with your right hand while yelling at your left

854. Hobbits that are taller than dwarfs

855. Ghost runway models

856. Reproduce asexually

857. Find Kim Kardashian’s diamond earring in the ocean

858. Using every frame of every film ever made to create a portrait of Chester A. Arthur.

859. Sustain a spruce forest in the Sahara Desert

860. Create a sculpture that has a refractive index of 1

861. Make a 1-dimensional painting

862. Take a picture of someone’s face when they find out about a loved-one’s death.

863. Show nuclear fission in an art exhibit

864. Build an elevator to the Moon and make the musak for it

865. A performance piece on counting to Infinity

866. Construct a canonical (accurate) replica of the Death Star from Star Wars

867. Make a glass container around the Moon

877. Cook the best meal of all time

878. Paint the entire Earth orange

879. Build a city out of tea leaves

880. Break a paradox without breaking a sweat

881. Play a symphony outside of human’s perception of hearing

882. Give mescaline to every cat in the world

883. Drill to the inner core of the Earth and build a resort

884. Explain human thought and emotion and recreate it seamlessly

885. Birth a Neanderthal

886. Flood the planet in champagne

887. Make Venus a livable planet

888. Find the answer to everything (one response to every question)

889. Eliminate human greed

890. Shoot a hole through the Moon with a silk feather

891. Make a mirror that shows you your ideal landscape

892. Make a 200m tall statue of George Costanza

893. Conceive a hilarious joke that will never offend anybody

894. Rewrite the entirety of Moby Dick on a Kleenex

895. Give Jupiter a hug

896. Build a cathedral out of toothpicks

897. Jump until your legs break

898. Construct a rap in hexadecimal/binary

899. Make a picture that takes 1000 words to describe without using a single synonym

900. Describe a color to a blind person

901. Paint the perfect self-portrait without knowing yourself

902. Perfectly invert a spherical object

903. Create a statue using the pressure of water at the seafloor

904. Vending machine that dispenses prescription contact lenses

905. Eat a home­cooked meal in Space

906. Grow a tomato farm underwater

907. Receive college degree while in free­fall

908. Starbucks on the moon and its wifi is down

909. Paint the leaves of every tree in Indiana chrome

910. Bring the moon to Earth piece by piece

911. Convert living room into a refrigerator

912. Invent a car that runs on, and dispenses, iced tea

913. Gather everyone in the world to one spot and all jump at once

914. Solidify sunshine

915. Have everyone in California hold the same grain of sand

916. Remove an element from the period table indefinitely

917. Experience a once­in­a­life-time event twice

918. Pressure­cook snow

919. Write down literally everything you do for a decade and then forget it all

920. hijack headphones to shout personalized insults at passersby

921. Invent a 1000­sided die

922. Build a cheese bridge to the moon

923. Complement every person on Earth

924. believe the last words of every person who ever lived

925. Invent a working car with square wheels

926. Invent a fence made of clouds

927. Skip a rock down the middle of any great lake to the other side

928. Drive exclusively down the wrong side of the road for a year

929. Tree that grows underground w/ roots exposed up in the air

930. Tree that’s planted as an adult and grows in reverse into a sapling

931. Lick your back hair clean

932. Eat an entire whale in one sitting

933. Shoes that leave an extra set of footprints

934. Build a skyscraper from the top-down

935. GMO pineapples that have 0 acidity

936. Paint the leaves of every tree in a forest w/ your blood

937. Toss a Frisbee the size of your county

938. Scissors that un-cut your hair

939. Modify caterpillars to turn into butterflies without the cocoon

940. Hand weave a dress from spider silk

941. Build a house of popsicle sticks and live your entire life in it

942. Throw something so hard it leaves Earth’s gravitational pull

943. Build operable human wings similar a recreate the Icarus myth

944. Blow a bubble the size of Miami

945. Successfully crossbreed a moth and a butterfly

946. Construct a human sized underground city similar to an anthill

947. Live stream every birth in the world

948. Create a new constellation in the sky with your fingers

949. Eat all the cake in the world.

950. Hold your breath for 27 minutes on a Broadway stage

951. Swim from Alaska to Russia naked

952. Paint a sunset on the moon

953. Make a 30 ft. tall crack rock

954. Make a sex tape with every man (over 18) on the planet.

955. Sneeze without blinking

956. Pet every dog in the world.

957. Hair dye that changes your hair color randomly

958. Recreate the paintings of the Sistine chapel in someone’s eye

959. Do a 20-minute keg stand

960. Eat only chocolate for a year

961. Interview your past self

962. Start a fire underwater

963. Make a line of dildos that stretches across the entire planet

964. Replace the Pacific Ocean with a ball pit

965. Replace the Washington Monument with a giant crack pipe

966. Beat a cheetah in a foot race in 6-inch heels

967. Write every word in the English language on the pentagon in sharpie

968. Write a 200,000-page novel

969. Paint Starry Night on Mount Everest

970. Make a million copies of one million dollars

971. hide a second moon directly behind the original

972. criminal turning his dead self in for the reward money

973. firing a bow with an arrow

974. Every god ever created having a peaceful picnic

975. Making a real Clifford the Big Red Dog

976. Genetically modifying human hair to where it can change to every color in existence within the course of a day and then repeat.

978. eyes that change color depending on mood

979. Paint every building over 6 feet tall bright yellow

980. Build a 50 ft. statue of Bob Barker with the builders only using their feet as hands

981. A cow refusing to jump over the moon

982. A road sign with every road sign symbol overlapping each other

983. A van Gogh painting of Leonardo DiCaprio

984. Changing the Statue of Liberty’s clothes to a pantsuit

985. Take a picture of every insect on earth

986. Grow a tree in the shape of a full sized dragon

987. A baby being born and coming out with a painting of the mother

988. Sunglasses that let you see everything as an oil painting

989. Whatever’s under Edd’s hat from Ed, Edd, and Eddy

990. Raising a spider and having it make you a camping tent.

991. Having “the talk” with the sun

992. Marry the moon

993. Reach Nirvana listening to Nirvana

994. Make a slushy shop that uses the ice from an Arctic glacier

995. Shrink down to the size of a cell

996. A bag that can hold anything and anything can be pulled out at will

997. Paint the Eiffel Tower purple.

998. Switch the locations of the TajMahal and the Washington Monument

999.. An OompaLoompa winning 4 Olympic medals

1000. A glass ball that has a tiny galaxy inside

1001. Create a too scale painting of the Pacific Ocean painted with individually dyed drops of water

1002. A take picture of every potato chip that has the shape of Iowa

1003. Have a watermelon seed grow into a cantaloupe

1004. Make a fourth Back to the Future movie out of clips from the first three films

1005. Sculpt a dog into existence

1006. Make a giant church completely made out of stained glass

1007. Pick yourself up off the ground

1008. Replace the bottom of a river with water protected TVs that show the top of the water

1009. Make a life size replica of the Fortress of Solitude out of ice

1010. Bleed the color blue

1011. A device allowing fetuses ability to talk before birth

1012. Reincarnation after death for a year of your choice

1013. Unburnable forest

1014. Keep a soap bubble intact for an entire month

1015. dislike having royal privilege

1016. Power for humans to redesign the Pangaea split

1017. Visiting tickets to heaven that are available to any economic class

1018. Ability to revive a historic leader for 5 minutes

1019. fold the Black Sea in half

1020. The ability to carve people out of wood and burn them to life

1021. Play god

1022. The Power to trap landscape in glass and make a stadium sized Sno-globe

1023. Erase human scars with pencil erasers

1024. Draw a self portrait of your clone

1025. X-ray Emotions

1026. Create a shampoo that attracts good thoughts

1027. Make human hearts that glow through the skin

1028. Write in light

1029. Create plants that absorb air pollution

1030. Apples that cure cancer

1031. Valleys start standing up for themselves

1032. write a million more ideas in this blank space below





































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